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The mobile phone continues to grow in popularity as the most accessible communications device ever. Future growth in mobile phone use and adoption will depend on new text messaging services that enable people to interact with broadcast media and receive essential up-to-the-minute information.

Media companies believe that they can reach a wider audience through SMS services because more people have mobile phones than Internet access, because people crave news updates wherever they are, and because TV and radio audiences are more likely to pick up the handy mobile phone than go to a computer to participate. SMS services enables providers to enhance their revenues by charging customers fees for these new information services.

Services We Offer


Bulk SMS 1 Way

Bulk SMS also known as SMS Marketing Services enable you to communicate instantly to group of people via bulk text messaging.

Bulk SMS 2 Way

2 Ways SMS also known as Interactive SMS allow the Sender & Recipient to communicate, feedback & send instruction via SMS Platform/Channel.

Sim Card Hosting

Sim Card Hosting enable you to send and receive SMS from your clients to your server or database by going through our ndedicated sim gateway.

HLR Lookup

HLR Lookup enable you to easily clean up your long-accumulated phone number database to ensure they reach the right clients and optimize their SMS costs.

Apps Development

We offer custom applications development for Premium SMS such as various types of SMS Contest that allow you to launch your service without hassle.
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