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SMS Application Development

We offer custom applications development for Premium SMS such as various types of SMS Contest that allow you to launch your service without hassle.

If you are interested to run a SMS campaign, but has limited resources on programming or application development, no worry. Let us know your specific requirement on SMS service, our in house development team is able to develop a custom made application based on your requirement.

Demo Application

Horoscope Application

Type horoscope name and send to 6XXXX.
E.g. Type DEMO TIGER and send to 6XXXX.

Demo Light Application

Type DEMO R5 On and send to 6XXXX.
Type DEMO R5 Off and send to 6XXXX.

Demo Shout Box Application

Type DEMO SB your message and send to 6xxxx.

Demo Voting Application

Type DEMO VOTE candidate name and send to 6xxxx.

Demo Member Verification Application

Type DEMO MEMBER and send to 6xxxx.

Leave all the technical programming and server hosting to us. Our supports and developers will take care of the network and the application availability for you so that you can concentrate to market your solution.

For enquiries, please contact our Sales Consultant for details at +6 03 8230 6699 or Drop us an email.
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