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What is HLR Lookup?

HLR which known as Home Location Register, is a database containing relevant data regarding subscribers authorized for using a global system for mobile communications (GSM) network. HLR contain the most accurate and real-time information of any mobile number subscriber around the world. HLR able to reveal the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and the mobile station international subscriber directory number (MSISDN) of each mobile number.

Why Using HLR Lookup?

Companies that rely on SMS Services such as financial institution and marketing agencies can now easily clean up their long-accumulated phone number database to ensure they reach the right clients and optimize their SMS costs.

Discover the validity of your mobile number database with details information such as the network operator, roaming information, mobile number status and etc.

Increase the value of your prospect or client’s database to optimise the effectiveness of each campaign or project. Increase ROI while reduce costs and time on dealing with inaccurate number.

The popularity of Mobile Number Portability services (MNP) has significantly increased over the years. MNP allows mobile phone users to switch from one network to another without having to change their existing mobile number. The maybe easier for customers but may be a problem for service provider. It is difficult to guarantee that your messages will be delivered while you may be charge with unwanted internetworking fees.

HLR Lookup are totally non-invasive and performed remotely, the mobile number’s owner will not know or get notify by anything while checking is run on their numbers.

Main Benefit

Clean Database

Identify and remove invalid or deactivated phone numbers from your database.
Ensure your database is clean, trusted and up-to-date.

Reduce SMS Credit Wastage

Stop wasting SMS credits by sending your message to invalid / frud numbers.

Mobile Number Portability

Resolve mobile number portability issues with real-time network information to optimise voice and messages routing network, prevent extra charges on internet working fees.

Validate Phone Number

Distinguishes between invalid phone numbers, problems phone number or just simply a turned off mobile phones.

Roaming Checking

Discover the network information and current location of a mobile number whether it is in oversea or in your current country through its operator

HLR Loopup Plan

HLR Lookup

10,000 Credits
1 Year Validity upon New Topup
1 Year Extension towards Remaining Valid Credit
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