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With a humble start since 2004, Trio Mobile is one of the mobile messaging solution provider based in Malaysia, focusing on mobile message service and solutions. With customer focus in mind, our services and solutions are designed and developed to meet business’s needs.

We are committed to deliver innovative and evolutionize mobile messaging solutions that will bridge the needs of subscribers and organizations. We are constantly looking for opportunities where we can offer something better, fresher and more valuable.

Trio Mobile have direct connectivities with all major mobile telecommunication companies in Malaysia such as Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U Mobile, as well international telecommunications gateway and have established a close working relationship with them.

Our SMS Gateway

We have self built the SMS gateway with our own niche skills in software development for the SMS industry. With the full ownership towards our core SMS Gateway engine, we have the flexibility and full control towards the SMS Gateway, to be always prepared for the rapid changing technology demand as well as telco frequent update requirements. Hence, we are committed to deliver the best fit SMS solution that can benefit businesses in all ways.

Backed by the latest Cloud and Cluster Servers technology, our SMS gateway and SMS applications are hosted in a reliable hybrid environment with combination of Cloud server and Clustered High Performance Server to achieve the high availability, 3 level data protection, and flexible scalability features. Clients have no worry from the server level to the software system. We have the services readily to serve and capable to handle high usage and traffic, anytime, anywhere.

We don’t sell database. Another meaning, your privacy is secured with us.

Our SMS Solution

Bulk SMS Blasting, a simple and straight forward marketing to reach out to your existing customers and also having a high chance of reading compare to email marketing. It is one of the cheap customer rapport building mechanism that you can once a while to substitute call follow up.

We can realize your SMS business idea via the Premium SMS solution, to build your revenue generating SMS business, with all the technical matters taken care by us.
Below are the industries that benefit from our SMS Solution:

Advertising and Marketing

Banking and Finanace


Food and Beverage

Government Agencies



Retail and Chain

Travel Agencies

Our services focus on SMS Solutions and Application Development in the mobile industry.
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